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How it began
“A tremendous though glorious task confronts all seminaries. When a boy leaves the world” and enters the seminary to be trained for the priesthood, he ventures into a New World, a different atmosphere with its humanly speaking impossible rules and aims. The step he has taken is a formal renunciation of things cherished by the present world as the only pre-requisites of happiness. And yet, the renunciation is just the first step. Inspite of all his faults, he must be moulded to conform to the image of Christ, the criterion of all that is holy and sacred, the Great High Priest”. From the Editorial of the Seminarian (1964) – A yearly publication by Queen Of Apostles Seminary, Afaha Obong)

These were the sentiments in the mind of late Bishop James Moynagh who had the Episcopal jurisdiction over Calabar Diocese under which Ikot Ekpene Diocese belonged. He had the initial idea of raising indigenous clergy for Calabar Diocese which materialized in the founding of the Seminary.
The history of the Seminary since 1948 is obviously long and winding. It is important at this outset to acknowledge all those who have been of help to the redactors of this history. We wish to present this Narrative in Periods: from 1948 to date Viz:
A. Pre- War Period (1948 – 1967)
B. Post-War Period (1967 – 1974)


The Seminary started from Holy Family College as early as 1948. Within the college, there was a special group of students who showed special interest as different from the general student body. This special group was “set aside” and kept in a different COTTAGE within the school compound; governed by their special “Code of Conduct” especially the Rule of Silence – MAGNUM SILENTIUM..
The Principal of Holy Family College, Michael Hays was not favourably disposed towards this special group even though her existence was licit and legitimate. Dissatisfied with this ugly situation, Fr. Dominic Ekadem who then served at Abak, relocated “the Seminarians” to the Teachers’ Training College, Ediene Abak in 1952.
At Ediene, the Seminarians, twenty in number, also lived in a designated COTTAGE, still governed by their special Bylaws. From Ediene, they attended school in Holy Family College. One of the students, Msgr. Etok in an interview related his experience:
We had to do our meditation on the road, so we did not greet anyone on the road. We had no time in the Cottage to do our meditation… people would think that we were ghosts …but we looked like little angels in our white and white … we were quite Ok at Ediene, it was a little nice group, little nice family. Msgr. Umoh and I were in Class 5.
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To create and foster an environment conducive for academically qualified young boys who feel called to the life of the Catholic Priesthood.


The main objective of Queen of Apostles Seminary is to create and foster an environment conducive for academically qualified young boys who feel called to the life of Catholic Priesthood.


To foster vocation to the Priesthood. Inspiring students to achieve potential and personal goals through activities that are developmentally appropriate, individually paced, and personalized to each student's academic performance and interest.