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notice to parents

notice to parents


Queen of Apostles Seminary will reopen for the 2021/2022 academic and formative session on the 20th September, 2021 for the older students. They will be expected to arrive on the compound before 5:00 P.M for proper check-in. Items to be submitted at the gate include:

* Tellers of payments

* Results for the third term of the last academic year

* Toilet rolls for use by the students during the term

* Lastly and very important, HOLIDAY REPORTS.

 Kindly note:

1. Lateness is not our style of life and will not be considered with levity.

2. Whoever will not come with the complete requirements for re-entry into the Seminary will not be allowed in.

3. No foreign objects/gadgets like phones, laptops, MP3’s, radios and the like are allowed in the Seminary.

4. Due to the prevalence of malaria at this time because of mosquitoes, we recommend that each seminarian should possess a mosquito net and perhaps a tent pole or good rope to erect it.

Believing that your ward(s) have been sufficiently refreshed and are poised to resume in earnest, the Seminary welcomes them in advance.

Our newly admitted younger ones will resume for JSS1 on the 4th of October, 2021.

Thank you and remain blessed.

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